Thursday, November 03, 2005

Student Accomodation

Housing Housing Housing When is this gonna be on the Agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats in answer to Tony Blair and his Education Eduation Education, mantra. Well when you have an educated person who asks intelligent questions these poor excuse for Socialist try and fob you off with Bulldoody.

Student Accomodation on the whole in Cardiff has been provided by private landlords at least for the past 30 odd years since I was first a student in this city. They have done very nicely out of these Vulnerable Adults, oh yes I class students as Vulnerable Adults.

Now it seems that new flats are being built on a mamoth scale along North road, who owns them FROM WHAT I HEAR ITS A PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY. OH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. WHY OH WHY OH WHY don't they belong to the university and the student union.

They could have brokered the same deal as these private investors, so that when all the loans have been paid and its now in a profit making situation that money might be used to the STUDENTS BENEFIT and not these investors.

For crying out loud the Univesities teach business management courses yet they cannot even manage the business of housing the students. Do you think that Rhodri Morgans government will step in and say that these students are once again being missused for someone elses profit and grant ownership of them to the student union and the univesity. Perhaps I am wrong in this maybe someone else out there will say nope crazydave they are co owned or even entirely owned by the Student Union.

Maybe if some student reads this they will ask the president of the Union whats the score and couldn't the Union have brokered this deal the same as these private investors, if indeed the Union does not own them.

lets hope so. Maybe then this generation of students will make it easier for their children to afford to go to university.

'Education was first promoted as a means of taking kids out of the employment market. they have successfully sold education to the point that now before they ever reach the employment market they are huge sums in debt to Banks' part of a rant at the Assembly members.

Best Wishes to you all

Crazydave (first published nov 05)

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